Who Belongs? Exodus and Arrival

Artist in Residence w/ Jacobia Dahm

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Who Belongs? Exodus and Arrival

Talk & Reception w/ Jacobia Dahm, Artist & Griselda San MartinArtist

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Who Belongs? Exodus and Arrival

Who Belongs? A Conversation w/ Jacobia Dahm, Artist & Roksana Filipowska PhD Candidate

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How can we bring about a better understanding of issues related to citizenship, belonging, and identity politics? Who Belongs? Exodus and Arrival will illuminate the current political discourses on human rights, social justice and global political issues around immigrants and refugees in Europe and the United States. Through this conversation and collaboration within the local Philadelphia region about this national issue, we will explore how experiences along the migrant trails can alter the perception of migration as a contested topic in EU and US context.


Lead Artist

Jacobia Dahm is a German photojournalist based in Berlin. Her projects are rooted in her longstanding interest in social justice and vulnerable communities. In the past she has worked on stories revolving around the effects of criminal justice on families (in the US), and since 2015 she has been documenting refugees along the migrant trail, and after their arrival in Germany. Jacobia has a Masters Degree in Comparative Literature, English, and Film History from the University of Mainz. After a career in academia and publishing she turned to documentary photography, and in 2014 she graduated from the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program at ICP, where she received the Lisette Model Scholarship, and the Rita K. Hillman Award for Excellence.

Assistant Director

Puentes De Salud

Alexandra Wolkoff is from Upstate New York and graduated in 2014 from Haverford College, where she studied Sociology and Education. She joined the Puentes team in July 2014, where she is able to align her academic, personal, and professional interests by serving the phenomenal children and families who make up Puentes Hacia el Futuro. Alexandra oversees daily program functioning by working closely with families and collaborating with the school and other providers at Puentes and in the region to ensure the success of each child. This year, Alexandra is especially excited to share her passion for yoga and mindfulness with the community. In the long-term, she looks to pursue further graduate education in the fields of psychology, community wellness, and education.

Assistant Professor of German, VCAM Faculty Fellow (2018-19)

Haverford College

Dr. Brust’s current research project Reunification versus Reconciliation examines the role of literature and film in developing alternative public spheres in post-wall Germany and post-apartheid South Africa. Her scholarly essays engage issues of gender and race, and investigate the images of, and the tensions between, nation and state in contemporary literature, film, and visual culture. Dr. Brust’s research and teaching interests focus on 20th and 21st German literature, film, and theater, nationalism, (post-) colonialism, globalization, European and African Studies.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Haverford College

Zainab Saleh, Ph.D. Sociocultural Anthropology, Columbia University, is Assistant Professor in Anthropology. Her research focuses on memory, nostalgia, belonging, war, and violence in Iraq and the Iraqi Diaspora. She examines the transformative impact that the US occupation of Iraq had on the London-based Iraqi community’s social and political landscape. She is currently working on a manuscript entitled, Inhabiting Destruction: Exile, Political Subjectivity, and the Iraqi Diaspora.


Jacobia Dahm, Lead Artist

Artist in Residence

2.17 - 2.25

Haverford College, VCAM 202

Jacobia Dahm lives between Berlin and New York City. She will be an artist in residence at Haverford College during the Spring 2018 Semester and will be on campus from February 17th – February 25. The photograph above is from her series Journey Through the Balkans, the following information accompanies the image “Those who can afford it and who know about the hardship of the journey north buy a tent upon arrival in Greece, which will save them from many homeless nights until they get to their desired destination. Oct 4, 2015.”

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Jacobia Dahm, Artist & Griselda San Martin, Artist

Artist Talk & Opening Reception


4:30-6:30pm, Haverford College, VCAM 001 & VCAM 006

Borders and Belonging: Artist Talk and Opening Reception
Monday, February 19, 2018
4:30PM-5:30PM Artist talk, VCAM Screening Room 001
5:30PM-6:30PM Reception, VCAM Create Space 006

In Borders and Belonging, photographers Jacobia Dahm and Griselda San Martin work to illuminate individual stories of migration, arrival, and separation. The images direct our attention towards the capacity and necessity for humans to create homes for themselves, no matter how transitory the situation. At a time when population movements are repeatedly cast as economic and security threats, these four projects highlight the urgency of documenting the people who make up these populations.

Borders and Belonging runs from Monday, February 19th – Sunday, March 4th and is is open to the public Monday – Friday 9:30am – 5pm.

Cover Image: Griselda San Martin from The Wall which focuses on a stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border fence called “Friendship Park” where families convene to see their loved ones through the massive metal wall that separates them.

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Jacobia Dahm, Artist & Roksana Filipowska, PhD Candidate



6:30-8pm, Ulises, 31 E Columbia Ave, Philadelphia

Who Belongs? A Conversation
Discussion around refugees and immigration often dehumanize their subjects through abstractions, statistics, or hyperbole. How can photography serve as a tool to begin conversations about “the refugee” as a human, whose livelihood is both particular and precarious, and remains in the hands of policy makers? Join us for a presentation of work by photojournalist Jacobia Dahm followed by a conversation with Roksana Filipowska, PhD Candidate, about the ethical considerations of Jacobia’s work photographing refugees.

Drinks and light snacks will be served – Free and open to the public.

Jacobia Dahm is a German photojournalist based in Berlin whose projects are rooted in her longstanding interest in social justice and vulnerable communities. In the past she have worked on stories revolving around the effects of criminal justice on families (in the US), and since 2015 has been documenting refugees along the migrant trail, and after their arrival in Germany.

Roksana Filipowska is a PhD candidate in the History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania. Her publications include “In Defiance of Propaganda: Photographic Failure as Shared Ground” in Too Good to be Photographed (Lugemik, 2017) and she has co-organized Service Sound, a database of international protest sounds, which pairs able protesters with recordings of those who can not attend marches and demonstrations.

Cover Image: Jacobia Dahm from ‘In Limbo’

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Jacobia Dahm Artist Talk and Exhbition Tour for Puentes de Salud High School Art Program

Artist-Led Exhibition Tour


11-12:30pm, Haverford College, Create Space

Artist Jacobia Dahm gave an artist talk and exhibition tour to high school students enrolled in the Puentes de Salud afterschool art program. The students took a bus from center city to Haverford College specifically to see the exhibition and meet Jacobia, who was visiting from Berlin. Many of these students are undocumented and along with their parents are reliant on the medical, legal, financial and educational services that Puentes de Salud provides. While Jacobia photographs refugees in Europe, these students and their families are experiencing similar transitional issues.

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