Fashioned Fast

Make your own JUMPSUIT w/ Rational Dress Society

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Fashioned Fast

Artists in Residence w/ Rational Dress Society, Lead Artists

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Fashioned Fast

JUMPSUIT presented by Rational Dress Society, Lead Artists

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Fall 2019


The way that we manufacture textiles today is informed by several interconnected pressures: function, economics, labor, society, and fashion. As we better understand the impact of our consumer habits and manufacturing standards on the environment, paired with technological advancements, we are witnessing an industry response to move towards sustainable and circular practices. How does this environmental push negotiate with protecting the rights of people in the textile trade? Through ‘Fashioned Fast: (Re)forming the textile trade’, we will investigate processes, practices, and innovations around the production and recycling of fabrics, rooted in Philadelphia’s intimate history as a leader of the US textile sector.


Lead Artists

The Rational Dress Society is a counter-fashion collective founded by Chicago-based designer Abigail Glaum-Lathbury and Los Angeles-based artist Maura Brewer. Together they produce JUMPSUIT, an open source, ungendered monogarment to replace all clothes in perpetuity. JUMPSUIT has been exhibited nationally and internationally, at venues including MoMA and Art in General in New York and the MCA in Chicago. The Rational Dress Society received an International Cultural Exchange Grant from the Swedish Art Grants Committee in 2015, and was the recipient of CCI’s Creative Economic Development Grant in 2016 and 2018. Press includes the Guardian, the Paris Review and CBS news

Project Director

Hidden City

A Philadelphia native, Peter graduated from the University of California at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2001. He worked as a newspaper reporter for the Sacramento Bee and the Biloxi Sun Herald, and his freelance writing and photography has appeared in the Cairo Times, the East Bay Express, Philadelphia City Paper, Philadelphia Weekly, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Peter co-founded the Hidden City Daily, a website that covers architecture, design, development, preservation, and public art in Philadelphia. He also produced the second Hidden City Festival. Peter has created tours for a number of local institutions, including the Mutter Museum, Night Market, Moore College of Art, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Peter is the founding editor of Extant Magazine, published by the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, and is currently the magazine’s photo editor. Peter is the co-author of Philadelphia: Finding the Hidden City, (Temple University Press).

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Haverford College

Elisabeth Evans is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies. Elisabeth did her undergraduate training in architecture at MIT and received her PhD in biotechnology at Brown University. Elisabeth has a broad range of teaching and research experiences employing a cross-disciplinary approach in her work, which encompasses architectural design, biomedical sciences, visual media, and the environment. Elisabeth has significant experience with STEM education, particularly in merging STEM and the arts (STEAM). She has also been engaged in outreach programs geared towards the inclusion of student populations that perceive science to be inaccessible.

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies

Haverford College

I received an M. Chem degree in Chemistry from the University of Sussex, U.K. in 2000 and a Ph.D. in Chemical Oceanography from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Joint program in 2006. After teaching Oceanography at Boston University for a year, I was awarded a Microbial Science Initiative postdoctoral fellowship in 2007 from Harvard University. I joined the faculty of the Chemistry department at Haverford College in July, 2009 and am also a member of the Bryn Mawr and Haverford Bi-College Environmental Studies department. I enjoy working with students from all disciplines to enhance our understanding of the environment. I am particularly interested in using chemical and molecular biological approaches to examine the impact of human-derived chemicals on the World’s Oceans.


"JUMPSUIT" presented by Rational Dress Society

Presentation & Discussion


5:30-6:30pm, Haverford College, VCAM 102

JUMPSUIT: presented by Rational Dress Society
Saturday, September 14
5:30pm – 6:30pm
VCAM 201

Design collective Rational Dress Society discusses their work on JUMPSUIT: the ungendered monogarment to replace all clothes. JUMPSUIT imagines the possibility of an egalitarian garment, liberated from the signs of class, race, and gender that inscribe our usual relationship to fashion. What if you never had to pick out an outfit again?.

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Textile Tour in Philadelphia with Rational Dress Society, Hidden City Philadelphia

Field Trip


1:30-4:00pm, Kensington and "Fashion District" (8th and Market), Philadelphia

RDS, Hidden City Philadelphia, and Lis’ class toured historic textile sites in a neighborhood that is now known as Kensington. The tour began at Globe Dye Works and ended at Ross and Century 21 in Philadelphia’s Fashion District.

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Rational Dress Society, Lead Artists

Artists in Residence


Haverford College, VCAM 202

The Rational Dress Society is a counter-fashion collective founded by Chicago-based designer Abigail Glaum-Lathbury and Los Angeles-based artist Maura Brewer. Together they produce JUMPSUIT, an open source, ungendered monogarment to replace all clothes in perpetuity. In addition to maintaining a separate artistic practices, Maura and Abigail will be on campus throughout the Fall 2019 semester. The image above is from their project ‘JUMPSUIT’.

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Make your own JUMPSUIT



12:30-5pm, Haverford College, Lutnick Library, Room 200

Make your own JUMPSUIT
Saturday October 5th
12:30pm – 5:00pm
Lutnick Library, Room 200, 370 Lancaster Avenue, Haverford College, Haverford, PA, 19104

What if you never had to pick out an outfit again? In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to read, prepare, cut and sew an industrial pattern in service of constructing their own, custom fitted, Rational Dress Society JUMPSUIT. Fabric for the monograment, sewing machines, and custom pattern provided with submission of RSVP and individual measurements, no previous sewing experience required!

Space is limited for participation (option 2); please read through the details below and as measurements are submitted via google forms, we will update this page with availability. Participation is not mandatory to attend, free and open to the public. Haverford College and Lutnick Library are ADA accessible spaces.

3 Types of participation:

This event does not require that you submit any information and RSVP is not required to be an audience member, please join us for all or part of the workshop.

In order to print your mono garment pattern, we need measurements from you to ensure a utopian fit.

To take these measurements you will simply need a flexible measuring tape and ideally, a comrade to assist you. Please follow this link to an instructional video of the official Rational Dress Society Guide to Measuring.

Your height
Your chest measurement – measured at the widest point of the body
Your waist measurement – measured at the narrowest point of the body
Your low hip measurement – measured around the fullest point including your full bum!!
And your preference for a fitted JUMPSUIT or an unfitted JUMPSUIT – fitted means that there are bust darts to accommodate breasts, and unfitted means a slightly more relaxed or masculine fit.

Once you have your measurements, please fill out″>this Google Form with your measurements, information, and preferences.

If you would like us to print a custom JUMPSUIT pattern for you and purchase 3 yards of fabric, but prefer to sew the garment at home following RDS’ instructional step-by-step videos, please″>fill out the Google Form and pick up your pattern and fabric at the workshop on October 5th.

For the workshop we will have some fabric on hand, but we highly recommend that you bring your own fabric! Past participants have brought everything from polka dot to hand printed textiles. If you do bring your own fabric we recommend that you purchase 3 yards of a woven (non-stretch fabric). For beginning stitchers simple twill, denim and chambray fabrics are very easy to work with.

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Student Presentations from Helen White's Class and Talk by Peter Woodall

Student Presentation/Artist Talk


Haverford College, VCAM

Students from Helen’s class presented their half semester long projects. Peter Woodall talked on ‘x’, and students assembled and voted on their own logos.

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Field Trip to Thomas Jefferson University Textile and Design Facilities

Field Trip


1:45-4:00pm, Thomas Jefferson University East Falls Campus

Students tour Thomas Jefferson University‘s textile and design facilities to learn more about small scale textile production on the manual loom to large scale textile production with the industrial loom. After touring the building and learning about TJU textile students undergraduate and graduate students’ work, students in Lis’ class finished with hand looming.

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Field Trip with Peter Woodall



Students in Elisabeth Evans’ course “Industry and the Environment” tour Huntingdon Yarn Mill, a domestic supplier producing yarns in Philadelphia, PA since 1940.

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Indigo Natural Dying Workshop w/ Theresa Hill, Wild Hand

Course Visit


1:00-4:30pm, Haverford College, KINSC Lab

Students learned about natural indigo dye and dyed their canvas material of choice.

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